Thursday, 6 October 2016

I'm Pregnant!!

I know I have been a little quiet on the blogging front lately but if you haven't already guessed from the ever so subtle post title..... I'm having a baby!!

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and Baby M is due on 6th March 2017. Baby M was a surprise to the both of us but an extremely lovely surprise, who is very much wanted. Now definitely feels the right time in our lives to start our own little family.

From 6 weeks until around 16 weeks I felt sick morning, noon and night. Thankfully, this seems to be easing a little, fingers crossed. 

I have a little bump but you could mistake that for bloating, I'm not really showing too much at the moment but I'm sure that will change in the next few weeks/months.

I'm hoping to share my pregnancy journey here on my blog, along with product reviews, wish lists, maternity clothing, nursery decor etc.....exciting times ahead.

I guess my blog will head in quite a different direction, but nothing will change just a little expansion which will definitely bring a lot more content, i promise not to talk too much!!

Speak soon, Sadie xxx

Saturday, 9 May 2015

My Top 5 Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer Beauty

1) Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume - With it's fresh and floral scent this is sunshine in a bottle. Light yet long lasting this is my perfect summer scent.

2) OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish - OPI is my favourite nail polish brand and big red apple doesn't fail to disappoint. A truly classic red shade which gives a fabulous shine and looks great on both finger and toe nails.

3) Piz Buin Moisturising Sun Lotion - As we all know as much as we love the sunshine protecting our skin against the sun's harmful rays is a must do. The Piz Buin moisturising sun lotion is perfect protection against the sun, it's  non-sticky and non-greasy formula intensely moisturises your skin leaving it feeling smooth, soft and silky all day long. 

4) Soap and Glory Flake Away - This is the perfect exfoliator to get your body in tip top condition and ready to reveal those pins. I love that the scrub is really gritty and exfoliates my skin amazingly well. This leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, soft and well moisturised. 

5) Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque - This is a revitalising hair reconstructor for dry, damaged hair and which is also a natural UV protection. With a combination of macadamia oil and organ oil along with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts rejuvenate and rebuild the hair, leaving the hair deeply nourished for improved elasticity and shine with long lasting conditioning benefits.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Frame Again

Hi everyone, I thought that I would share with you all my Frame Again frames which I received in the post yesterday.

For those of you who have never heard of Frame Again, it is an Independent company started by two Camden-based entrepreneurs Jake Hayman and Joe Kenyon. Jake and Joe appeared on Dragons Den last year but turned down a “never before seen offer” and decided to go it alone with the help of funding from the online community.

The Frame Again website is extremely easy to use, you simply upload your chosen photograph from your phone or computer then choose a customisable frame - you choose the colour of the base and the ring to complement your photo, your style and your location.

I chose two of our wedding photographs, one by our photographer which was saved on my desktop and another from a guest at our wedding who took the picture simply from his smartphone. As you can see from the picture above both of the photographs are of fantastic quality and are professionally printed on high quality paper. The photographs are 5.5 x 5.5 (14 x 14cm), which I feel are the perfect size.

The one thing I like best about the frames are the magnets. There are no clips, cardboard, or metal bits sticking out from the back of the frame,  instead the frames are held shut by powerful magnets. My frames happily stick side-by-side or even back to back and I plan to put mine on my desk at home. 

The frames look fabulous in pairs and I plan on purchasing another one or two to make these into a strip, simple yet effective. There is also a nook at the back of the frame to fit a picture hook in if you wish to hang these on the wall.

The frames look lovely in the home, in the workplace on your desk and would make a lovely but thoughtful gift for family or friends.  

You can buy the frames from Their customer service team are super friendly and the delivery was extremely speedy. A definite recommendation from me. 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Happy New Year

Hey everyone, a little late I admit but a Happy New year to you all, better late than never right. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year ahead.

 I haven’t made any resolutions as such but I do think that’s it’s important to have goals, however big or small to aim and work towards. Here are a few of my goals for this year:

 1) Blog – I have abandoned my blog a little over the past couple of years or so and I haven’t put as much time or effort into it as I would have liked to. I really do enjoy blogging but unfortunately life has got in the way; getting married, buying a house, working a full time job, travelling to and from work…. I’m determined to post more this year and will aim for a weekly or every 2 weekly blog post.

 2) Health – I want to eat more healthily and tone up a little this year. I looked into healthy eating plans a couple of months back and I really liked the look of Slimming World. I went to a couple of their classes and got my starter books but unfortunately, I could no longer make the classes. The Slimming World starter books are pretty much self-explanatory and can easily be followed yourself from home which in all honesty is what I prefer to do. I’m going to give it a bash, I won’t be too overly strict and will give myself a weekend off, after all it is all in moderation as they say.

 3) Home – I have quite a lot of home things which I want to get done this year. I would love a new kitchen, that’s on the top of my wish list at the moment. I need to finish off getting my spare bedrooms decorated and furnished, a new bathroom perhaps… I could go on and on, the list is never ending, there is always something that needs doing. 

 4) Money – Save more and spend less. This seems to be the one which makes a re-appearance year after year. I don’t spend as much now as I did in my early to mid-twenties. I have a mortgage now, bills to pays, it totally changes once you become a home owner and there are much more important things to spend your money on. Looking back I did waste a silly amount of money on clothes, beauty products and all those unnecessary buys. I prefer nowadays to spend my money on good quality basic clothes which will last and beauty products which I will actually use.

See you all next week, Sadie x