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Medicare Advantage plans, Know the details and benefits

A new year has come and is moving on.  This year you or may be your loved one may be eligible newly for Medicare. You may be aware of Medicare or you also are enrolled already in Medicare A & B Parts, but had no knowledge about Medicare Advantage plans.


The advantage insurance plans of Medicare are referred to as Medigap. Most of the times, the beneficiaries of Medicare remain unaware of the pocket costs that are left out to pay after the portion is paid by Medicare. In fact, seniors get stuck with heavy medical bills for which they come unprepared as they come for a simple hospital visit or an unexpected doctor visit.

medicare advantage plans 2019

Protect your finances and acquire the health care coverage by educating yourself and being proactive on your Medicare insurance options. Here are a few Medicare advantage plans for 2018.


Details on Medicare advantage top plans are located at https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

  • First, remember that the Medicare Advantage plans 2018 referred to as Medigap plans are regulated by the government. Basically, it means, regardless of the provider or carriers you buy from or choose to buy from, the advantages remain the same.
  • The Medigap plan has own regulations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.
  • There are 10 Medigap plans, starting from A letter to N. Plan A has the benefits of core policy as included in the other letter plans.


Here are the benefits of core policy found in other letter plans.

  • If you are hospitalized, the days they cover are restricted by Medicare. While, all letter plans include coverage of hospital stay for 365 days after using the Original Medicare benefits.
  • The out of pocket costs is required for copayments and coinsurance under Part B Medicare, while all letter plans cover all the costs.
  • In case, there is a requirement as medical procedure asking blood, the Part A Medicare permits 3 pints as cover. Having all letter plans will cover for first 3 pints and will pay for the rest.
  • In case, there is a need for hospice care, there is restriction through Medicare Part A as cover, while the all letter plans cover all the out of pocket costs.
  • In case you require additional testing that is not covered under Medicare Part B, you will be responsible for coinsurance 20%. The all letter plans pay for coinsurance.


These benefits of core policy include only half the benefits that are inclusive with other letter plans, ranging from B-N.