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Initial Enrolments to different parts of Medicare

Medicare supplement plans are available to facilitate you with the required financial benefits with the healthcare. Different plans are developed to facilitate the benefits for personal use, employer use and for different unions. There are many different parts of the Medicare Supplement Plans providing specific kinds of benefits to the people who are enrolled. One should be aware of them so that it can facilitate them while enrolment.

Based on the individual’s status people are normally opting for either Part A or B of the Medicare. It will require knowledge about the benefits which they provide. Normally most of the individuals are opting for Part A due to the financial benefits which it provides to people who are paying Medicare tax. Even one should know different time periods which are involved during the initial enrolment to make the enrolment process smooth for them.

Enrolments for different parts of Medicare

During the initial enrolment when you are eligible for the Medicare, you will be having a time period of 7 months. This time period is useful for the enrolment in Part A and B of the Medicare Supplement Plans. 7 month of the time period will begin 3 months before the month when you turn out to be of 65 age. It will also include the month when you are turning to be of the age of 65 and also 3 months after that month.

Even if you haven’t enrolled, still you can enrol for free based on the eligibility. This enrolment can take place either before or after the start of the initial enrolment. When you enrol, your coverage start date would depend on the time when you sign up for the plan. In case you are required to buy Part A and/or Part B then that is possible only during the valid enrolment period.

If you are delaying your enrolment till you turn out to be of 65 age or 3 months after you turn to an age of 65, your part B coverage will be delayed. When this occurs it will lead to creating a gap in your coverage. In most of the cases, if you haven’t enrolled for the Part B of the Medicare then you would have to pay the penalty for enrolling late.


Thus, we can say that there are certain terms and time frames which one should follow to enrol for both Part A and Part B. If they are eligible they can enrol during the specified time period. There are cases where people wait till they turn out of 65 age to enrol. In that case, their Plan B coverage will be delayed. It will result in the creation of the gap in their Medicare Supplement Plan coverage.