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A guide to choose the Medicare Supplemental plan

Medicare supplement plans offer simple and clear information helping to select the right insurance plan. The needs of health are different for each individual and wading through Medicare information and Medicare supplemental insurance may be overwhelming.


Medicare is provided since 1965 to people in the U.S as insurance cover for above 65 years and over. This includes certain qualified individuals receiving the required hospitalization as insurance coverage and also other health care related types of services and products.


The program is categorized into four parts such as:

  • Part A: Hospital Insurance – This covers services that a person receives in a nursing facility, hospital, home care or hospice, types of inpatient centers.
  • Part B: Medical Insurance – This covers doctor’s visits, preventative treatments and outpatient care.
  • Part C: Medicare Advantage – This provides options of private insurance companies to choose from in case you do not want Medicare.
  • Part D :Prescription drug coverage


There are two ways of acquiring Medicare coverage and this can be done by choosing Medicare Parts A and B, referred to as Original Medicare. Typically, an enrollee here may receive care from doctors and also from their chosen medical providers.


The other option of acquiring Medicare is to choose Part C Medicare, or Medicare Advantage. This operates in an identical fashion to a PPO or HMO (Preferred Provider Organization or Health Maintenance Organization) such that generally the enrollees must use the services that are in the network of the plan.


Medicare Eligibility

People eligible for the Medicare coverage include:

  • People age 65 and above.
  • Individuals diagnosed with disabilities types and are under age 65.
  • People who have End-stage renal disease and age are not the constraint here. This is because end-stage renal disease is considered as kidney permanent failure requiring a kidney transplant or a dialysis.


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Many people are aware of the Original Medicare, while some are not aware of the program that needs enrollees to pay for uncovered expenses such as co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance.  Thus, even though Parts A and B Medicare provide the required coverage for hospitalization and potential health care, this program leaves gaps for enrollees in terms of out-of-pocket costs. The coverage offered by the government is beneficial and affordable as it covers medical expenses to 80%. In fact, it also includes many uncovered charges such as prescriptions, copays, deductibles, and other expenses that add-up really causing financial hardship or making services cost prohibitive.


Here Medicare Supplement plans known as Medigap comes in as coverage. They fill the gaps and save few thousands of dollars every year.