Saturday, 11 May 2013

Impulse Has Changed


Redesigned by world-renowned fragrance experts including the nose of Dior and Calvin Klein, the Impulse Collection features a reformulated range of eleven portable designer fragrances, including a brand new Limited Edition scent, Secret Smile. With a fragrance for every occasion the new Impulse Collection offers a range of high quality, everyday scents that can be worn on the go - anywhere, anytime.
I was pleasantly surprised at how good the fragrances smelt, previously Impulse had always reminded me of a scent aimed at mostly teenagers but they really do seem to have upped their games to widen their market.  
My favourite of the scents is the Limited Edition Secret Smile. This features fragrance notes of raspberry and gardenia, which combine to produce a light, fruity and floral scent, perfect for spring.
The newly redesigned range of Impulse designer fragrances is available in stores nationwide. Limited Edition Impulse Secret Smile is available exclusively in Superdrug from mid-March and nationally from May onwards. RRP £1.99.