Thursday, 29 September 2011

Project 365/47 West Midlands Safari Park

Hello everyone, i hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine this week. I can't believe it's this hot the end of September, oh well i'm not complaining, we never really had a summer here in the UK did we, plus it'll probably be back raining on Monday so i'm definitely going to be making the most it.

Me and my boyfriend went to West Midlands Safari Park yesterday. I love it there, feeding the animals through the drive through, seeing the more dangerous animals whilst driving around.... with the windows and doors firmly shut, the park, wandering around with the more smaller animals, ah bliss.

Above i've shared a few photos (okay quite a lot) from what i took yesterday, let me know what you think.

*** Please do not take any of my photos without my permission first, @Copyright 2011 Sadie ***

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Project 365/42 Introducing Daisy......

My new White Ipad 2, i bought it this afternoon and so far so good, i think i'm addicted already! I also bought the Grey case from the Apple store to protect the screen. As the majority of you know i took my redundancy a few months ago so i thought i'd buy myself a little treat from my payout, i also have a new job so i feel that my buy was totally justified.

Does anyone else have a Ipad? If so what Apps have you got and which do you recommend?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Project 365/41 MAC Buys

* MAC 242 Shader Brush: I'll mainly use this to apply Concealer, but it can be used for emollient-based product application too.

* MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer, Shade NW15: I've heard good things about this product so fingers crossed it works well for me too. The shade NW15 is a perfect match for my fair skin.

* MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, Light: I love this and it's definitely became one of my favourite make-up staples, i've repurchased this time and time again and will continue to do so.

What are your favourite MAC products?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Project 365/40 Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream Review

What they say: This divinely aromatic, ultra-rich body cream is formulated with 25% plant oils – making it our most intensive body moisturiser ever. With East African shea butter, organic rosehip oil, antioxidant cranberry seed oil and pomegranate extract, natural source vitamin E, plus the divine scent of neroli, this luxurious cream helps mature or very dry skin look and feel visibly plump and smooth. 

My views: Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream can be purchased from Liz Earle Online or from Liz Earle stockists at £28.75 for 200ml. A little pricey i must admit, but a little of the product really does go a long way.

The Body Cream is most suitable for mature/very dry skin, as i suffer from dry skin, more so in the colder months i decided this was the most suitable cream for my skin as we're heading into the Autumn/Winter season.

The packaging as always feels very luxurious, simple yet effective and as an expensive look to it.

The tube opens easily with a screw top lid, you then simply squeeze the tube to release the product onto your skin. I then massage the Superskin Body Cream all over my body and give it a little time to allow it to sink in.

The cream absorbs and sinks into my skin quite quickly, leaving my skin feeling extremely soft and subtle. It's definitely one of the best Body Creams i've used to date to banish any dry skin, my skin feels hydrated 24/7 which is a huge positive factor for me and a must have if any of you suffer from dry skin.

The only downside for me and the reason i didn't give it a higher overall rating is the smell of the product. It's quite overpowering and for me personally i'm not keen on strong Aromatic kind of smells which i feel is the best word to describe the scent of this cream, it reminds me of the smell for a more older lady. Such a shame as the smell of a product is really important to me, especially when the scent clings to your skin as a body cream does. If it wasn't for the smell then this would have been the perfect Winter body cream for my dry skin.

My rating: 8/10

Friday, 2 September 2011

Project 365/36 Paperchase plus New Job

I love Paperchase and what better way to buy new notebooks when i have a new job to start.

I went for my tests/interview on Tuesday which was successful and i got offered the job yesterday. As the majority of you know i took voluntary redundancy a few months back so i've been quite lucky to get a job so quickly plus savings from my redundancy money to put towards saving for a property in the future.

I'm 26 now so i'm stepping into that next stage in my life where i want to move things along a little, i've not been completely happy with certain situations in my life for a while now so fingers crossed everything goes to plan.